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Just a tiny update!

Just to let you know that we have most brilliantly updated the store with our new products. The calendar and prints can now be admired here.

- And we threw in another treat; an illustrated short story (download) The Tale of the Faerie Doll Bride. (It's only $1.49; a very affordable Christmas treat for yourself!) ;)

Have a very lovely Christmas, all of you! :)

L and C
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I recently got to buy the "touched" e-book. I'm so glad I did. ^_^ I love you guys. ;)
Thank you so much for supporting Lemons and Cream!
We're very happy to hear you enjoyed 'Touched'.
okay, I bought the tale of the faerie doll bride too. :) I hope you guys draw/write more soon. I'll probably snag beasts next. :)
Okay, I have not gotten beasts yet due to this huge ass fic I am currently reading but I know I'll snag it as soon as I finish reading my current interest. I guess I needed something a bit longer to read. Anyway, I hope when you guys get back from your break you'll give us as many updates as you guys can! :) Speacially now that I have a way to buy stories from you guys I guess. Hope things are going well for both of you.
Thank you for being so patient with us while we're having our little break. We *are* working on new projects and hope to present them very soon. :)
I'm very sad ur web site isn't working, any chance of u posting some of ur free stories on the LJ? And I just bought all 3 of ur e-books btw, have just read Touched and loved it. Hope u fix ur site soon^^

Sorry, we've been out of the loop for a while. RL and all of that... The site is up and running now. :) Thank you for reading and liking our stories. We're currently working on a new collection of shifter stories that will be up shortly - both as a collection and as separate stories.
I've been trying to get ahold of an e-book version of your guys Fairytale Collection but your links are out dated and you don't have it in your new store. Anyway any chance you guys will put it up in your lulu store? If not I understand but I hope you will. :)
Sorry for the late reply!
Unfortunately this title is out of print now. We're currently working on a new extended version of The Fairytale Collection, bigger, better and prettier. :) The stories will be available both as single e-book downloads and as a collection, coming sometime in the next few months.