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Wow! An update!

It is Spring! And we're finally awake (living under the same roof these days, no less!)

The first update of many - we hope:


From our Fairytale Collection (soon to be released again in a new "Black" edition); an e-book with two lovely, illustrated stories:

Swan: A young prince accidentally hurts a beautiful man during a hunt, and quickly falls in love with him. He is unlike anything the prince has ever seen; his eyes are like crushed rubies and his skin is white as snow, crude runes are permanently carved into his chest. And he makes the prince happy. Very much so! But can such magical love last when there is a land that has to be ruled?

The Nix: The nix is a shape-shifting, male water sprite native to Lemons and Cream's homelands in beautiful Scandinavia. As most nature creatures he is fond of abducting and seducing humans. The nix has a particular habit however; he isn't picky about gender. This is the tale of the boy and the nix.

* 28 pages

* 4 b/w illustrations

E-book: $1.49

You can buy it here:

We also have a new print for you:


buy it here from $7.95:

Very pretty! Originally the cover of Camilla's master thesis. ;)

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