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Cheap smut! :D [27 Jan 2012|01:30pm]

We're having a sale on all our paperbacks at the Lemons and Cream Bookstore!
All titles are also available as e-books, of course.

20% off! woohoo! :D gotta kick-start yet another glorious year of smutty original yaoi!
The discount wont show unless you click on the specific title though.
Drop by and have a lookie see?

Please visit our Online Book Store!
Lemons and Cream Book Store
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Signed Prints and Bookmarks! :) [18 Mar 2009|12:30am]

Cleaning out the closet!
Signed prints and a whole batch of bookmarks for sale! Wohoo!

Lemons and Cream Bookmarks
price: $2.50 each, or $10 for a full pack of five, +shipping.
size: 28 x 70 mm
printed on matt laminate, 350g
color of ribbon and glitter stone may vary

bookmarks...oooh pretty!

bookmarks...oooh shiny!

Signed Art prints
printed on 160g paper
A4 size -- $10
A5 size -- $6

1. Aristo/Crat

A4 -- 1 print
A5 -- 2 prints

2. Anatole and the Stray Toaster

A4 -- 0
A5 -- 3 prints

3. Pretty Vacant

A4 -- 1 print
A5 -- 2 prints

4. Enjoy the Silence

A4 -- 1 print
A5 -- 0

5. Untitled Song
Kaze to Ki no Uta fanart

A4 -- 1 print
A5 -- 2 prints

Payment via Paypal only.
Shipping costs will be added to the total amount.
Comment here or contact me via email: livvydarlingATgmail.com

Happy Shopping!
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New E-book available! [17 Jun 2008|05:01am]

We proudly present....

Garnets cover art

Available HERE (clickety click!)
* $1.99
* 36 pages
* 4 b/w illustrations

Description and preview..clickety click!Collapse )

We hope you enjoy our new release and that you all have a wonderful summer!

lots of love,
Livvy & Camilla
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Wow! An update! [24 May 2008|01:45pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

It is Spring! And we're finally awake (living under the same roof these days, no less!)

The first update of many - we hope:


Clickety!Collapse )
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Just a tiny update! [21 Dec 2007|10:40am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Just to let you know that we have most brilliantly updated the store with our new products. The calendar and prints can now be admired here.

- And we threw in another treat; an illustrated short story (download) The Tale of the Faerie Doll Bride. (It's only $1.49; a very affordable Christmas treat for yourself!) ;)

Have a very lovely Christmas, all of you! :)

L and C
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